Product Range


Nano-transitors probing using AFM for electrical characterization in 20 nm technote / Microelectronic Devices

Residual Stress Analysis (RSA) on surface for Thin Media (HDD), Aerospace and Oil & Gas (OG) sectors

Deep Freeze, Cryogenic Storage, Critical Freeze Drier for Biotechnology, Life Science and Stem Cell Sectors.

Advance, Semi-automatic and precision polisher for SEM, TEM, sample preparation purposes

Magnetic Nuclear Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy for /moisture fat content food, Oil/Gas (OG) Industries.

Advance analytical balance for general laboratory purposes

Plastic welding specialty and customized ultrasonic solution (ultrasonic cutting, welding and generators

Microscopy for semiconductor, biotechnology, Disk Drive and metallurgy, Live Science and Oil/Gas Industries.

Supplies a wide range of electronic switches.

Used SEM/EDX/WDX System For Sale Microscopy consumable related items.

Demo Unit Afm NaoProber – The configuration currently includes: – 6 Prober heads – MP2b-LD- Scanning Capacitance Microscopy – option, Thermal Chuck, CadNav Software.